Thursday, March 12, 2009


award given by
Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians
The National Library, T.M. Kalaw , Manila
January 30, 2009

Honored Guest Dr. Salvacion M. Arlante, Honorable Chairperson of Philippine Regulations Commission (PRC), Board for Librarians Hon. Corazon M. Nera, and the Honorable members of BFL. The National Library Director, Dir. Prudenciana Cruz. Officers and Members of the Philippines Association of Academic and Research Librarians headed by the president, Dr. Loreto T. Garcia and the newly inducted president Hon. Elvira B. Lapuz, fellow awardees, Members of the Board of Judges, Fellow librarians, Friends, Visitors, Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Morning!

When the heart is full the mouth cannot speak. This is how I feel today. But I have to speak out as this is the tall order of the day.

Being with you in this gathering to receive an award is indeed very significant and momentous event in my life. When I received the communication from Sister Ignatius R. Tal Placido, the Chair of the awards and Scholarship Committee, thru Hon. Cris Paras, former Secretary now the Vice President, and Rod Ramos, our PRO, I can’t help but tracked down along memory lane what I had done for the university and for the community I have worked with, since I assumed the headship in the Agusan Campus in 1987, excluding the experience I had had as library aide during my student days.

Vivid memories, then, on sweating out and spending sleepless nights in the organization of the library to meet the demands and challenges of the university and the community surfaced.

Tapping them all was the organization of libraries and reading centers in the 3 municipalities and 4 barangays of the province of Agusan del Sur. These were the offshoots of the researches I conducted.

I admit with pride , I was very passionate for service and compassionate with the people to be able to push through with the projects, Thank the Lord, all of them reached their successful completion and until now have been sustained by the stakeholders.

And now, the sacrifice I have had pay off which I never dream of. Thank you very much for the recognition given me. This will propel and inspire me to work harder and harder for our mission as librarians.
However, If I have succeeded in my work I owe this to the many people who are behind me in many ways.

First of all- To Prof. Annabelle P. Acedera, Director of Ateneo de Cagayan Libraries for nominating me for this award without even my knowledge. You have been my source of wisdom and direction. This will always be etched in my heart and memory.

To the Phil. Normal University from the President Atty. Lutgardo B. Barbo, to the Executive Director of PNU-Agusan , Dr. Lucila B. Langanlangan, faculty and staff for the support in all my endeavors. Philippine Normal University,Agusan Campus, for she believes on my capacity to do work, she always give moral and spiritual support and played the role of a mother to me and my family.

To the Officers and members of Caraga Librarians and Libraries Association, Officers and members of Philippine Librarians Association Caraga Regional Chapter, for sharing their expertise, skills, time and efforts in the organization of Library Professionals in Caraga,

To the Barangay Officials, Municipal Officials and their constituents for they are very open in what ever developments for their community. Also for the support extended for the realization of the projects;

Most of all, to my husband Mr. Douglas D. Baylon and my children, Douglas III, Tessa Marie, Therese Mae, and Dither, who have been my monumental rock of strength and inspiration. My apology for my remises at home sometimes, which you all readily made up.

And above all to the Almighty God, for making possible what is impossible for me. Without all of them, I could not have done considerably what was expected of me.
I will always cherish the honor and pride that go with this recognition today, as long as I live. The best prize that life offers for me is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. THANK YOU.

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