Saturday, March 28, 2009

Opening Remarks in FEATI U

PAARL in cooperation with FEATI University Library Public Forum on Assessment Techniques and Principles in Applying Standards for Academic Libraries held on February 5, 2009 at FEATI University Library, Sta.. Cruz, Manila

Good Afternoon everyone. PAARL thanks each and every one of you here for taking the time out to join us in this activity.

Let me also say thank you to the FEATI University administration, and to the FEATI University Library and its Chief Librarian Ms. Aida Santos and her staff. Thank you for providing the venue, for welcoming us here, for and for your continued support of the various activities of PAARL.

It is with the best intention that PAARL conceptualized and planned for this Forum. The main objective here is to provide an avenue to discuss the pressing issues and concerns of librarians and information professionals in relation to library standards such as: existing and emerging library standards applicable to academic and research libraries, expectations and perceptions, strategies that should help in meeting if not surpassing these standards. We expect to hear from you and share RLE related learning experiences) in handling the process of documentations and inspections. We would also appreciate hearing from you ideas, suggestions and what have you on how we should decide on updating our ten year old PAARL Standards.

Indeed we are fortunate because we have with us this afternoon the very people, the authorities, so to speak, who can enlighten us on these concerns.

So, in behalf of the PAARL Board and members, we say Thank You and may we all have a fruitful afternoon.

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