Monday, March 7, 2011

PAARL Membership 2011

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from PAARL!

As part of our Membership Campaign, PAARL is inviting your institution to join the Association as an institutional member, or if already a member, to renew its Institutional membership.

Institutional members are those which maintain academic or research libraries and are interested in supporting the objectives of the Association. The representative of an Institutional member, usually its head librarian, shall be designated upon payment of the membership due amounting to only P500.00, and shall have the rights and privileges of a regular member, and to join PAARLNET, a network of libraries who will participate in an Interlibrary Lending Program, a cooperative resource-sharing arrangement that is expected to serve our common interests and needs.

PAARL is also campaigning to increase the number of our individual members. The fee for both regular and associate members is P200.00 per annum per member. To qualify for regular membership, the librarian must be licensed and employed in an academic or research institution, while associate members are those without license and/or not employed in academic or research institutions. May we request your kind office to disseminate this information to them and encourage them to register or renew their individual membership.

For this year, PAARL is issuing a unique “Membership Pin w/ an ID", (refer to attached image) an exclusive pin for new and renewed PAARL members. This is not for sale and limited to the members only. It shall be given to the first 500 members who have paid and/or renewed their membership. Wear this PIN in every Association's activity and be proud of being PAARL.

For those who have already paid in January and February of this year and have not received their pins and IDs and certificates of Institutional Membership, kindly bring your official receipts (ORs) in the next PAARL fora/activity and claim them from Ms. Matet Villanueva. No receipt, no PIN.

We are enclosing a membership form (see attached file) for your convenience. Please send it back to us either by mail or fax. Payments may be made in check or PMO payable to “PAARL”, and also by depositing to our BPI Family Bank Mabini/Pedro Gil branch No. 5951-0782-06. Please keep the deposit slip and fax it to our Treasurer (899-4344) or send it thru email ( for confirmation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Very truly yours,


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