Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome Address After Ondoy and Peping!

Elvira Lapuz
President, PAARL, Inc.

A most pleasant day to everyone!

Thank you very much, for once again, gracing this PAARL event. We almost did not make it here today! Ondoy and Pepeng sure did their worst in causing much devastation. We were in a way affected. Most of the details we were working on for this Conference were derailed. There was even a moment that we actually thought of canceling. But thanks to the sturdy and ever firm resolution of the PAARL Board, we decided to proceed with the preparations. It is a decision that proved to be a really sound one because you are all here.

The Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians Inc. (PAARL) National Conference is focused on the theme “The Power of Convergence: Technology and Connectivity in the 21st Century Library & Information Services”.

Specifically, this conference will be focusing on the following objectives:

1. To explore the future directions of libraries and librarians considering the unstoppable trends and demands of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

2. To discuss the vital role of web technologies in enhancing the delivery of library and information services and how these resources can be of optimal use to establishing collaborative linkages among institutions.

3. To train the participants in surviving the present challenges of net and online technologies and prepare them to become thoroughly adept with the 21st century technological innovations.

PAARL have always prided itself in developing and conceptualizing programs for the continuing education and professional development not only of its members, but of those who will choose to become part of its various activities. For this Conference, we have applied for CPE accreditations and given eleven (11) credit units by the CPEC.

We say thank you to the officials and administrators of St. Paul College of Pasig, for accommodating us and providing a venue for this event. I would like to make special mention of our Board Director, Sr. Gloria Pasamba, SPC who have facilitated most of the arrangements and preparations made for this Conference.

We would also like to thank those who have been supporting PAARL in all its endeavors. We say thank you to our book dealers and suppliers, our exhibitors and sponsors. Please do find time to visit their booths and take this opportunity to do your evaluation and selection of possible new acquisitions for your libraries.

We say thank you to ALL of you for choosing to be part of this event.

May this Conference prove to be another success!!

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