Friday, February 6, 2009

Inspirational Message

Delivered by Prof. Salvacion M. Arlante, University Librarian, University of the Philippines during the 36th PAARL General Assembly and Induction/Awarding Ceremonies held at the Epifanio de los Santos Auditorium, The National Library, Ermita, Manila on January 30, 2009.

Honored Guests, Past Presidents of PAARL, 2008 Outgoing Officers, Incoming Officers for 2009 , fellow Librarians , Colleagues and Friends:

Let us start off with something simple. What’s better than a long speech? No doubt, a short one. So you guys are in luck because I am going to try to keep this as short as possible.

May I convey, first of all, my warmest congratulations to the newly elected officers. I am honored to be invited today. I am especially pleased that we have elected librarians from different institutions with different leadership roles. We value and reward people who think big, who make major commitments and deliver on them.

My involvement in PAARL has been since its inception in September of 1972 when I worked as Research Aide under the direct supervision of our Founding President. The association was founded to enhance the professional capabilities of its members by providing opportunities for further training and, through organized action, by creating favorable circumstances for the practice of the profession.

Since then, professional associations have traditionally focused their activities in the provision of services to members. However, this need not be their only role. A turnover of responsibilities in an occasion like this is a good time for taking stock of how far we in the association have come and how far we have yet to go in our professional activities. We, in PAARL, have chosen to take a proactive approach to changing the ways in providing these services—we have embarked on increasing skills of individual members, provide skills to other library service providers and embarked on activities to increase advocacy for librarianship. These are its signal achievements. The depth and sincerity of PAARL’s concern with the preservation and maintenance of the quality of its professional responsibility has long been evident.

The secret, I think, lies in a combination of integrity and flexibility. A combination that calls for strict adherence to certain principles and adaptability to changing conditions.

To the newly elected officers, you are to take an oath symbolizing scholarship, character, service and leadership. Being elected means you are aware how vital it is to be an officer and must be true to the pledge of office. My wish for all of you is that you keep giving your concern, your attention and energy to others and that it will come back to you and to the association a hundredfold. Membership in the association need not only be paying regular fees, but being actively involved in all the association’s activities without expecting any recognition or remuneration. Involvement means being at the forefront and center of the association’s programs and projects—not being in the receiving end and watching from the sidelines.

Commitment means accepting added responsibilities when your participation and services are being tapped by the association in the fulfillment of its mission and advocacy.

Let us keep the torch of librarianship burning by being reminded of two virtues: involvement and commitment. An assembly like this reminds us of our continued active involvement that signifies our commitment to PAARL.

In closing, let me assure you of my full support and cooperation. Let us work together toward our commitment to add vitality to librarianship.

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