Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Membership to PAARL, Inc. "Every Librarian's Association"

Please download the membership form from this site:
http://groups. group/PAARL/ files/Membership %20Forms/ or at our PAARL Online website:

The Remittance Form here also indicates the procedure for payment. You can also check our alternate link at PAARLWiki: http://paarl. wikispaces. com/About+ PAARL#Membership

You can send the Remittance Form via mail or fax to the Treasurer's address: Ms. Aisa de la Torre at her email address: adelatorre@aps.

The fastest and safest way is to deposit the payment at the nearest BPI Family Bank branch in your area, and indicate on the deposit slip that the payment is for Acct. No. 5951-0782-06 of PAARL at BPI Family Bank Pedro Gil/Mabini Branch . Then don't forget to mail or fax a photocopy of the bank deposit slip for confirmation of this deposit to Ms. Aisa de la Torre so she can send you back an official receipt.

For more information on membership application, kindly get in touch with Ms. Ana Fresnido of De La Salle University-Manila at her tel. no. 524-4611 loc. 600 or telfax 524-8835. Her email address is: