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Best Package of Sessions, Speakers, Themes & Descriptions for Library & Web Services 2011 in August 19-20, 2010

Plenary Session on New Facets in Library Management in 2011
August 19 Thursday 10:30-11:30 PLENARY Multifunction Hall
DESCRIPTION Libraries will have to offer services and cater to the expectations and needs of a growing and expanding library customer database. These entail delivering of international information, cultural and multilingual services. Library managers, conscious of varied and widening markets, are urged to adopt specific management models and behavioral systems in order to continue working into the future to better work conditions of library personnel and attain quality library experience for whoever asks a service. Either large or small libraries, the session expert shall stimulate participants to embrace expansive work nature, make tough decisions, and have input into the future direction of libraries and the profession.

Parallel Session on InfoLit Promises & Tools: Vehicles for Achieved Authentic Learning for All Ages
August 19 Thursday 1:00-3:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 1
DESCRIPTION InfoLit skills, when translated to learning, become a basis for individual’s lifelong learning. Here, specifically, the librarian’s expertise is desired and acknowledge not only because she has permanent access to resources, online or not, but her art and discipline can assist persons to become more self-directed. This subtheme will allow the expert to present her portfolios and modules to assist participants to bring their own all-ages clients to where they should be- achieved authentic learning. The session expert will facilitate this activity and engage librarians to create a short-term or a three-year plan, for example, comprehensive Plan for Information Literacy 2011-13.

Parallel Session on Upgrading Technical Competencies of Professional and Paraprofessional Library Personnel
August 19 Thursday 1:00-3:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 2
DESCRIPTION Evidently, the need to chart/design new roles for technical services entails upgrading competencies among professional and paraprofessional library personnel. Technology problems, for example, encourage library people to be ready and accept cancellation of large library projects. One specific inquiry for the example is asked: Why do systems fail? Why specific problems persist? When systems fail to respond? What happens? This sub-theme will try to collect technical service challenges that they represent and examples of how these can be met. Lessons shall be earned from each. Workshop attendees shall re-check development policies and conduct a regular review progress over management of integrated library systems, discovery tools, and institutional repositories including managing metadata and normalization rules in order to prevent similar failures to come.

Speaker: Carina Samaniego MANILA OBSERVATORY
Parallel Session on Creative Archiving
August 19 Thursday 1:00-3:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 3
DESCRIPTION Creative archiving explores about what the Internet business, free or with charge, can offer to libraries and librarians, primarily, to market archives offices as exciting sources for information and records. Cyberspace is a major source of advantage for initiatives that maximizes public benefit. This session sub-theme introduces and makes use of some online space where archives can creatively functions, serves a potential market and endorse record groups and items. The facilitator shall set a workshop for participants to appreciate and utilize Internet/and or e-tools and modules, optimizing digital promise, to overtly shape the way clients view archives.

Parallel Session on Competitive & Saleable E-Content for Philippine Libraries
August 19 Thursday 3:00-5:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 1
DESCRIPTION For many, E-Content topics have included institutional repositories, “place as library,” digital preservation, course management systems, online edu­cation, e-scholarship, digital library col­lections, and much more (Rentfrow, 2007). Attendees will witness the latest technology in e-learning and be able to understand the process of developing high quality e-content, as well as expertise for generating such content over the long term. The session will provide technical assistance and support to librarians and other experts based in colleges and universities for the development of e-content in Philippine setting. The inclusion of e-content in learning is now inevitable, and this topic is designed to meet the new challenges, and to help librarians take the lead in this newly emerging field.

Speaker: Elizabeth Peralejo, ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY
Parallel Session on Audio-visual Services Management
August 19 Thursday 3:00-5:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 2
DESCRIPTION The value of audiovisual services to the library comes from what the library staff set for the forthcoming years, specifically, purposes and priorities to put forward for its clients. Desirable services are itemized in the strategic plan this session group will create: measurable objectives (service goals) and representative activities. The session expert, while in the process, shall assist participants to fully welcome generation of clients who are born with the chip whose expectations- format agnostic, nomadic, multitasking; way of learning- experiential, collaborative, integrated; and, beliefs- principled, adaptive, direct are distinctively different from previous generations in their use of information (Abram & Luther, 2004). It is expected of the speaker and his participants of this session-workshop to transform healthy readers and library servicing staff while both are connected, engaged and interact with the online world.

Parallel Session on Excellent & Practical Tips for Acquiring Information Objects and Maximizing Public & Private Partnerships
August 19 Thursday 3:00-5:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 3
DESCRIPTION Success stories about public-private partnerships are inspiring and extremely moving. These will be shared and serve as springboard for a workshop. In terms of acquisition and digitization, the invited session theme expert will bind participants to heavily realize, feel and embark on acquisition’s work that brings in and uses PPPs- public and private players. Session’s output will draw conclusions as to how each participant representing his/her institution would benefit from public-private partnerships. It will also reflect probable partnership guidelines, technology issues, project specifics and the expert’s practical guidance in building up a partnership.

Parallel Session on MARC Utilization and Content
August 20 Thursday 8:00-10:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 1
DESCRIPTION The emergence of the MARC record in the late 1960s enabled a new era for sharing bibliographic data. MARC provides a standard record structure for encoding and exchanging bibliographic data. The MARC record itself has evolved in the past 30 years into a complex encoding scheme with very rich content designation to accommodate bibliographic data for many different formats of materials (Moen, Miksa, Marsh, 2005). This session will attempt to discuss the empirical evidence to document MARC 21 and explore its evolution as content designation for patterns of availability and effects on its use. It will also investigate a methodological approach to understand the factors contributing to current levels of MARC content designation use and relationships with the cataloging enterprise.

Parallel Session on My 2011 Library & Web Services
August 20 Friday 8:00-10:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 2
DESCRIPTION Exceptional education is also acquired and felt when libraries provide exceptional facilities and services. This session-workshop shall feature the facilitator’s best highlights of her My 2011 Library & Web Services that showcase how (People) and what (IT) have- plans, management and delivery- for goals’ full extent of what is introduced to the clients. Specifically, the session expert shall assist participants to reflect on expert’s practical guidance and utilize practices & human behavior pattern after the expert’s model of My 2011 Library & Web Services. The technology plan, that is produced and a workshop output, is hopefully, aimed to be proto-type model taking into consideration the need for users’ analysis, progressive attitude toward collection development & services, and utilization of library space & interiors.

Parallel Session on Libraries as Problem-based Learning Environments Across Reader Services for Authentic Learning
20 Friday 8:00-10:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 3
DESCRIPTION Authentic learning typically focuses on real-world, complex problems and their solutions, using role-playing exercises, problem-based activities, case studies, and participation in virtual communities of practice(Lombardi, 2007). This positions libraries and their personnel to engage in the process of working towards the understanding of a resolution of a problem. This session’s theme will stimulate problem-based learning which entail a different library experience both for the clients and the staff of the library. The expert will introduce PBL as a reader service tool for delivering information literacy and course-related library instruction. Also, the facilitator shall encourage librarians to collaborate with teachers on providing quality library experiences while clients acquire information-gathering skills.

Parallel Session on Operating an Archives Shop
August 20 Friday 10:00-12:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 1
DESCRIPTION This workshop is an ideal opportunity to explore the planning, development, and implementation of exhibitions and displays in an archival setting. Participants will get practical training and theoretical knowledge of developing an archives shop in a special collections setting from the initial idea through planning, exhibiting, and beyond. Be part of a discussion on collaboration beyond the archives - advertising and marketing the exhibit, outreach and education, adding impact through the development of related events, working with the media to publicize events, reaching a broader audience, and developing a digital component to the exhibit. Also included are practical tips on the use of readily available materials to create a professional, informative, and attractive exhibit without compromising the materials.

Speaker: Nimfa Maniago HOLY ANGEL UNIVERSITY
Parallel Session on Library Personnel’s Health & Productivity: 2011 Model
August 20 Friday 10:00-12:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 2
DESCRIPTION Nowadays, institutions are inclined to encourage employees to improve their lifestyle. Today there are companies that have their own in-house gyms and work out facilities to promote their employees’ wellness. The content of this session is slightly different from other mind bugling topics. Apart from the normal advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle, a connection between health and productivity in the library workplace will be discussed. Participants will gain knowledge and tools on how to improve their own health and how this will improve their productivity. For libraries, it means greater outputs and more satisfaction and possibly faster promotions and rewarding incentives for librarians. This could result in better equipped personnel and a higher level of motivation towards their careers. In the end, when each individual improves his own lifestyle and institutions benefits from employing more balanced people.

Speaker: Michael Pinto ST. LOUIS-TUGUEGARAO
Parallel Session on Delivering Service Quality and Satisfying Library Customers through Web-based Services
August 20 Friday 10:00-12:00 BREAKOUT SESSION AVR 3
DESCRIPTION The topic will specifically point out certain quantitative methods largely ignored by library service providers, highlights the importance of customer participation in service delivery process, examines the concepts service quality and customer satisfaction, emphasizes the need for appropriately handling waiting lines in service organizations, presents briefly the theory of waiting lines (queuing theory), psychology of customers in waiting lines with illustrations from library situations, discusses ways and means of reducing delays in waiting lines and increasing service quality and customer satisfaction (Sridhar, 2001).

Plenary Session on New Decade Standards for Academic Libraries: A Proposed Draft for PAARL, Inc.
August 20 Friday 1:00-3:00 PLENARY Multifunction Hall
DESCRIPTION This session is intended to provide guidelines from best practices or model documents for academic libraries to use as helpful toolkits and reference sources for assessment. A detailed examination of the draft proposals for the 2010 Standards will be revealed and eventually enhance provisions already prescribed in the other standards. The expected output is seen to augment, supplement, and enhance any and all other standards for Philippine academic libraries.

Parallel Session-workshop on Library & Web Services 2011: Technical, Administrative, Reader & Archives Services (Open to All, reserve slots now. We also accept walk-in attendees)
Date: August 19-20, 2010
Venue: Holy Angel University-Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Fee: P2,500.00 only (inclusive of meals and snacks, seminar kits, handouts and certificates)
Sponsor: PAARL, Inc. (Every Librarian's Association) & Holy Angel University
Live-out accommodation: 250/night, housing @ the DEPED-Regional Educational Learning Center (RELC), Pulungbulo, Angeles City

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