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Out & Reach, Photos in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Out & Reach, Photos in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Early hours in the morning of December 10, 2009 Board left for Balingasay National High School, Bolinao, Pangasinan for a very warm group of teachers, students and school personnel led by Mrs. Editha B. Gasilan (Principal) through an entertaining turn over ceremony program for educational materials with some novel and souvenir items collected by PAARL, Inc. The Association, also, made each the happiest after 12 noon.

Mrs. Gasilan, according to her, felt honored for having been given the privilege to thank Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians, Inc. headed by Ms. Elvira Lapuz (President) and Mr. Christopher Paras (Vice-President) who came to her school previously to inform everyone that the library of Balingasay National High School will be recipient of educational materials.

She, also, fervently prays that PAARL, Inc. continue to extend such valued help and opportunities for the development of the school leading to the attainment of quality education in Balingasay, Bolinao, Pangasinan. Pregnant faculty Mrs. Fely B. Pascua emceed the program.


Reaching out to you, do you feel it too?
Loving you is all I want to do
I am completely sure, never felt this way before
When I smile you know that there is something more…

Truly, there were something more in thoughts, words and deeds among the BOARD MEMBERS and benefactor of PAARL 2009 when they decided to pack their things and went to Bolinao, Pangasinan in order to share the Yuletide blessings with the students and faculty members of Balinsangay National High School last December 12, 2009.

After more than six hours of travel by two cars, PAARL on board were recharged with excitement & joy in their hearts as well as smiles on their lips when the packages of reference books and other reading materials were unbundled in the presence of selected students and their teachers. In gratitude, the recipients rendered a short program to acknowledge the gifts and the givers.

“R & R” or Rest and Recreation ensued to conclude and mark all the target projects and activities lined up for the year. Although challenges were met along the way, surely victories were at hand. The group proceeded to rest at Sun View Beach Resort on the same day. Later in the afternoon, they drove to Bolinao’s Lighthouse and traced the history of the place during the Japanese occupation; to Cindy’s Cave to see the miracles of nature and thanked God for the dawning of the day with its beautiful sunset by the sea.

In behalf of the members, benefactors and sponsors of PAARL, the Board attended the afternoon mass last December 13, 2009 to thank God and our Lady of Manaog for all the blessings they had poured and will continue to shower upon the association.

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